Intentional Harm
Intentional Tort

Intentional HarmIntentional Harm

Intentional harm means the other person set out to hurt you. Intentional harm is when a person’s purposeful behavior causes harm to another individual, or another’s property. This includes cases of battery, assault, and false imprisonment. Intentional harm attorney John A. Comerford can help you seek legal remedy in a case involving an intentional tort. A civil trial judge or jury can order the perpetrator who inflicts the damage to pay compensation, make restitution, and possibly pay punitive damages.

Intentional Tort – A “intentional tort” is defined as a wrongful act that leads to personal injury and/or property damage which is compensable under the law.

When someone commits a deliberate unlawful act that injures another’s person or property, that person may be responsible for providing compensation for the harm done. In some cases the harm is a crime, and is punished in criminal court, but criminal charges do not necessarily bring compensation to the people damaged. Harm intentionally done to others should be compensated for financially as well as criminally. Financial compensation is the function of the civil courts.

Compensation for physical and financial harm

Civil lawsuits are the correct forum to accomplish the goal of compensating victims of intentional acts for the losses they have suffered. It may be necessary to file a civil suit to force payment. There are many instances where a person is found innocent in criminal court but liable for financial damages in civil court. The case of OJ Simpson is an example of where a person was found not guilty in criminal court but was found to be liable in civil court. That is because the standard of proof is lower in civil court. The distinction is important. Criminal charges are meant to punish an individual for wrong he has done to society. Civil claims are intended to make victims whole, and return them as much as possible to the situation they were in before the wrongful act occurred.
How we can help those damaged by intentional acts

How we can help those damaged by intentional acts

Unfortunately, it is often the case that those who intentionally cause harm to others do not willingly offer to make good and offset the harm they have done. We represent people who have been damaged by the intentional acts of others. We start with Demand Letters, and when our demands are not met we are prepared to file a lawsuit and take the case to a higher level. If you hae been physically or financially damaged by the intentional acts of others give us a call to discuss the situation. We may be able to help you secure compensation from the responsible p

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