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Case #1:

INJURY: Pedestrian Struck by Vehicle in Crosswalk
RESULT: $1,250,000 policy limit settlement pre-litigation

An elderly woman was struck in a crosswalk by a vehicle making a right-hand turn. She sustained serious injuries, requiring surgery and rehabilitation. The opposing insurance company originally offered $250,000, which was the limit of their insured’s auto liability policy. Our investigation showed that in addition to the auto policy, the driver also had an umbrella policy of $1,000,000, which we also demanded. The woman was living with her adult daughter, and we were able to show that as a result of the injuries the daughter could no longer care for her sufficiently, and the elderly woman would most probably have to have nursing care for the remainder of her life. We showed statistical information regarding the cost of home care, and the responsible insurance company was able to see it our way and award the limits of both the auto liability policy and the umbrella policy without the need for us to file a lawsuit against the responsible driver.

Case #2:

INJURY: Motorcyclist struck by auto making illegal left-hand turn
RESULT: $500,000 policy limit settlement pre-litigation

Our client was riding his motorcycle when a woman driving a late model car did not see him coming and made a left hand turn directly into his path. The motorcycle crashed into the automobile, throwing the rider onto the automobile, causing spinal and facial injuries that required surgical intervention. Fortunately, our client was able to recover quickly and made an excellent recovery. Because of the seriousness of the injuries we were able to receive the entire policy limits of the responsible driver’s auto insurance policy by negotiation, without having to file a lawsuit. We are proud of our record of success pre-litigation. No one wants to be involved in a long and drawn-out lawsuit, and we make every effort to settle cases with the best results we can without putting our clients through the ordeal of a lawsuit.

Case #3:

INJURY: Slip and Fall in Supermarket
RESULT: $500,000 settlement pre-litigation

Our client slipped on a puddle of liquid in a supermarket and landed heavily on both knees. She received treatment and subsequently needed an artificial knee. Liability for the incident was clear and the injuries easily traced to the negligence of the supermarket for allowing the puddle of liquid, and we were able to settle the case without the need to file a lawsuit. Our client, an elderly woman, was grateful not to have to be involved in protracted litigation, with its burdensome discovery demands and medical examinations.

Case #4:

INJURY: Woman knocked down by dogs
RESULT: $300,000 settlement post-litigation

Our client was standing outside her home when she was accosted by a pack of three dogs who had escaped from their home. The dogs did not bite her but knocked her down, causing an L2 fracture that made it difficult for her to stand or walk. We made a claim against the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy. The insurance company made an initial offer of less than $12,000 on the basis that the dogs did not bite her, and it was the fall that caused her injuries. We filed a lawsuit and in subsequent mediation were able to reach a compensation figure of $300,000, which was enough for her to realize her dream of buying a home. One interesting fact of this case was that the opposing insurance company demanded that my client undergo a medical examination by their doctor, and the result was that their doctor completely supported our client and admitted that the injuries were serious.

Case #5:

INJURY: Motorcyclist sideswiped by an automobile
RESULT: $250,000 settlement pre-litigation

Our client was riding his motorcycle when an automobile unexpectedly changed lanes, sideswiping him and knocking him down. He required surgery for broken bones in his hand and arm. By showing the injuries and their effects on his lifestyle and work environment we were able to negotiate a settlement without the need for filing a lawsuit.

Case #6:

INJURY: Automobile Accident
RESULT: $100,000 policy limits settlement pre-litigation

Our client was driving her car when another driver made an illegal turn directly in front of her. The cars collided, and she sustained a broken arm and wrist. The responsible driver’s liability insurance was only $50,000, but our client also had $100,000 uninsured/underinsured coverage on her own insurance policy. We were able to get the full policy limit from the responsible driver’s insurance company and the remaining $50,000 from our client’s own insurance company thanks to the uninsured/underinsured coverage. This case shows the importance of carrying good uninsured/underinsured coverage in the far too common case where responsible drivers have no coverage or minimal coverage.

Case #7:

INJURY: Child tooth loss
RESULT: $100,000 mediation settlement post-litigation

During a summer sports activity our client, an 8-year-old child, was struck in the face with a golf club, causing the loss of a tooth and the need for subsequent dental surgery. The insurance company claimed that tooth loss is not a serous problem and offered $22,000 in full settlement. We filed a lawsuit and in subsequent mediation were able to settle the case for $100,000.

Case #8:

INJURY: Man struck by food cart
RESULT: $72,000 settlement pre-litigation

Our client was enjoying a day with his family in a park when a food cart broke loose from its mooring, rolled down a hill and crashed into him, causing a non-displaced fracture of his right arm. He wore a cast for over a month and then received physical therapy. The insurance company’s first offer was $25,000. We were able to settle the case for $72,000 without the need to file a lawsuit.

Personal Injury Success Stories*Please note that these success stories are only representative cases and are not meant to provide any indication of what your case or any future cases might be worth. We have represented clients in many cases with settlements lower than those shown. Every case is different, with factors such as liability, extent of damages, income loss, expected future medical treatment, available insurance coverage and others all needing to be considered. We examine these factors carefully in every case, and an opinion of what a case might be worth is only an opinion, not a guarantee. We do not guarantee any particular results.

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