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Practice AreasPractice Areas – Take advantage of a Free Consultation with Alameda County Personal Injury Lawyer John Comerford, if you’ve been injured in any of the following practice areas: auto accident, motorcycle accident, Big Rig truck accident, or a bicycle accident.

Call too, if you or a loved one has been injured in a dog attack, by the negligence of a person, business or government entity; suffered an injury due to ‘premises liability’ in a supermarket, business or public space (Slip N Fall), or by a defective product. If a loved one has been tragically killed by the negligence of another, you might have a ‘wrongful death’ case. Call to discuss.

Our practice areas include — but are not limited to the following:

Automobile Accidents

An Alameda County auto accident lawyer can’t make things the way they were before the crash, but we can help compensate you for the terrible, unexpected losses resulting from your car accident. If you have lost a loved one or sustained a very serious injury in a car accident because of another driver’s carelessness, you have the right to hold that driver responsible for his or her actions. READ MORE…

Motorcycle Accidents

If you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney on your side. John Comerford is not only a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer, he’s a motorcycle rider himself and knows firsthand how dangerous it can be on the road and how the carelessness and inattentiveness of other drivers is a huge problem. READ MORE…

Truck Accidents

Large commercial trucks, often called big rigs or eighteen-wheelers, weigh up to 20 times as much as a passenger car. Smaller vehicles are often destroyed in semi-truck vs. auto collisions. Moreover, in some cases to maximize profits and make their deadlines some truck drivers and trucking companies choose to ignore safety regulations and maintenance. READ MORE…

Bicycle Accidents

In the County of Alameda and the bay area the roads are dominated by cars and trucks. Bicycle accident attorney John Comerford is devoted to helping victims seek justice. In personal injury cases, justice is through financial compensation where the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer can make all the difference in obtaining you or a loved one the best possible settlement. READ MORE…

Dog Bites

California leads the nation in fatal dog bite injuries and victims badly injured. If a loved one has been killed or you have suffered a dog bite or been attacked by an animal, you might be eligible to receive significant financial compensation. Speak with East Bay dog bite attorney Comerford to get his opinion on your case and its value. READ MORE…


Negligence is probably the most common cause of action in the majority of lawsuits we file. Negligence is basically another way of saying that those who cause the harm are just not paying attention when good sense requires that attention should be paid. READ MORE…

Defective Products

If you or a loved one has been injured by a product you purchased, including food products, home tools, beauty aids, children’s toys, medicines, medical products, vehicles or others, and the problem was caused by a mistake in the product’s manufacture, design or lack of proper instructions, the maker or supplier of that product may be liable for compensation to cure the damage suffered. READ MORE…

Premises Liability

When people are injured in a home or public area due to improperly placed materials such as furniture, construction equipment, liquids spilled on the floor, or negligently maintained road services or walkways, they may be entitled to compensation. READ MORE…

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death refers to a situation in which a family is exposed to financial and emotional harm because of the loss of a family member as a result of someone’s negligent or deliberate actions. READ MORE…

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